Zuellig Group in Thailand celebrates its 70th Anniversary
Thursday, 7th February 2019

Zuellig Group in Thailand celebrates its 70th Anniversary

On Saturday, 2nd February 2019, Zuellig group in Thailand launched its 70th Anniversary celebrations at BITEC with theme: Be Zuellig – be YOU.

In 1949, the Zuellig Group opened a branch in Thailand, then called F.E. Zuellig (Bangkok) Ltd. The company initially imported textiles, and then specialized in technical products and in the marketing and distribution of pharmaceuticals, healthcare products, agochemicals and animal health products.

In the 1990s, the diversified enterprises under F.E. Zuellig (Bangkok) Ltd. were reorganized and spun off into distinct companies, each with a specialized business focus. Today, the Zuellig Group operates four business in Thailand: Zuellig Industrial, Zuellig Pharma, Interthai Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, and HBC Health Benefits Consultants.

For this 70th Anniversary celebration the organizers have chosen the distinctive slogan “Be Zuellig – be YOU!” Indeed, the success of the Zuellig companies depends on YOU, on your talents, on your creativity and on your personal engagement. As digitalization and technology alter our business landscape, it is crucial that we collectively and individually have a mindset of learning and growth, that we embrace the challenges of business transformation, and that we are able to adapt to, and anticipate, the fast-changing needs of our customers and business partners. If YOU enjoy these challenges, and if YOU enjoy all the hard work, YOU will be successful and happy, and the Zuellig companies will continue to be successful and profitable!”: stated by Dr. Daniel Zuellig

For more information on Zuellig Industrial, please visit www.zuelligindustrial.com