Tools to Build a Nation
Saturday, 2nd September 2017

Tools to Build a Nation

ZI-TEC has been trading in Thailand since 1949 and has witnessed incredible change in a country that has grown to become one of the most prosperous in the region. 

Firmly Established for Over 60 Years

Relationships were first built with traditional local traders and more recently with giant nationals such as Home Pro, steel fabricators, the aviation industry, shipyards, the oil and gas industry and the massive construction companies that continue to forge ahead, demanding more and higher quality tools for increasingly complex projects.

A Giant in the Market

ZI-TEC boasts five arms to its dynamic force including tools, belting, inkjet coding, security seals, and packaging. Heading up the largest of these is Anucha Wangdee, Department Manager of tools for over three years. He describes Thailand as a role model for developing nations in Southeast Asia; and development requires tools in quantity and quality. From local hardware stores to DIY superstores and onto industrial users, ZI-TEC has vast influence over the supply chain. Whether you're putting a 50 cm hole through thick concrete on a Bangkok high-rise or hanging a picture at home, you're likely to be part of this success story.

Quality Throughout

It’s all about "the right people managing the right products to sell to the right customers," says Anucha with a knowing look. This has certainly worked because in the past three years, even though trading conditions have been difficult, Anucha has open the doors to potentially grow the ZI-TEC distributor portfolio from two to six of the world's leading brands. Onboard now are Pferd, Heller, Geo-Fennel, Eibenstock, BDS-Maschinen and Royal Diamond; German, Swiss and Italian masters who are now exclusive to ZI-TEC in Thailand.

A Future Built on Trust

Key to this ongoing success is the relationship with suppliers and buyers. ZI-TEC understand their customers, they know their market and work together with them as partners.  Thousands of dealers' accounts in Thailand can rely on a successful, cost effective supply chain, handling high-quality products at an affordable price. 

Anucha gave the finishing touch - "You can trust and have every confidence in our company; it's a powerful and dynamic organization that I'm proud to be part of."